How high is your mountain?

How low is your valley?

Oh! How dare you think that your alley

Will never cease to tarry

For this is where a leader is carried

Before they can be freed to marry


It all seems so sweet and dandy

Nothing to fear,

This beautiful world that we live in

Always so handy

Until that day, a climate change

Drives one to that secret cage


Then without warning, the ground starts to tremble

On the right

The car sits in a crumble

On the left, the house falls flat

That’s it, must run and hide;

Or, never will come out of this crap


This is not a quick fix

Must put my pride to the side

So, I cried… I prayed…I tried…

Then found the courage to bear the pain


Alas, I gained control of my grounds

Injustice could no longer keep me down

Was this because of his grace?

Well, I thank God I am now safe


Oh! How life has set me up

So I could pop

Like a diamond in a rough

 by Phoebe C.




I laid in the bed

with my hands on my head

lost and confused

cause I fought against the rule

With a pen in my hand

As i started to write

Just a little of this

And a bit of that

Then the words starts to flow

As the spirit unfolds

No offence but this soul

was stuck in a hole

Great twas that day

When I discovered my way

To expose the truth

And now enjoy my fruit

I know and grow

and it starts to show

I simply go because of what I know

by Phoebe C.


They say we want to be like you

You are so perfect in all that you do

Your beauty, your charm, your wit, your cool

It makes me feel so insecure

But don’t be fooled by the things you see

I’ve worked so hard; I just wish you could see

I paid the price just to be

The successful person in front of thee

It serves you not to compare to me

You too are that perfect human being

Go find that place where your dreams will fit

Face your fears and come out of that pit

Don’t let intimidation turn you down

Learn to keep those feet on the ground

Hold on; hold on, your time will come

You too will sing that familiar song

~by Phoebe

I Remembered

  • I remembered when  you despised me. 
  • I remembered when you turned everyone against me. It was just the other day.
  • How could I ever forget, your mean eyes, manipulated spirit that pierced me through and through.
  • I myself hated you… I just couldn’t believe how someone like you could be so cold blue. 
  • But I came to tell you, I no longer hate you.
  • I came to tell you, nothing that forms against me shall prosper.
  •  I came to tell you, though it was meant for evil, it worked for my good. 
  • I will make it to the other side.
  • All eyes shall see his everlasting glory.
  • No need to fear, I have conquered my pain.

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