Breath of Life

Breath of life is  taken for granted until that moment it is taken away from us. I vividly remembered the moment I could not breath. It was as if I was going to die. I looked up into the heavens and said, OK… I guess this is it. Father I am yours. At that moment, its as if someone touched my throat, cleared my nasal passage allowing a breath of fresh air to flow in.

It was a frightening experience; however, after that my vision about life was no longer the same.  I realized that nothing that we have is really ours. We are all on a mission, simply passing through, and one day, hopefully later that sooner , all things shall be left behind.

A question I often ask myself. How does my life matter?

  • It matters as I become aware of my surroundings (nature). And as I become faithful to nature, fear and intimidation cannot haunt me.
  • Pride and ego vanishes.
  • Greed with my time vanishes.
  • I do more for other wholeheartedly .
  • Increase vision to know that I can make a difference.

May we all sincerely allow our hearts to be guided by the spirit. Pure & Simply. May we truly find peace in the middle of life’s challenges. May we learn from our mistakes and have compassion on all mankind.