How high is your mountain?

How low is your valley?

Oh! How dare you think that your alley

Will never cease to tarry

For this is where a leader is carried

Before they can be freed to marry


It all seems so sweet and dandy

Nothing to fear,

This beautiful world that we live in

Always so handy

Until that day, a climate change

Drives one to that secret cage


Then without warning, the ground starts to tremble

On the right

The car sits in a crumble

On the left, the house falls flat

That’s it, must run and hide;

Or, never will come out of this crap


This is not a quick fix

Must put my pride to the side

So, I cried… I prayed…I tried…

Then found the courage to bear the pain


Alas, I gained control of my grounds

Injustice could no longer keep me down

Was this because of his grace?

Well, I thank God I am now safe


Oh! How life has set me up

So I could pop

Like a diamond in a rough

 by Phoebe C.