My Fern

fern1 (2)

As I studied my Fern plant

I’ve concluded that

A great life is not always benefited

By the survival of the fittest

What an interesting plant

That teaches us life lessons

Of how to live & grow

Inspite of our differences and intellectual flow

The Fern is made up of many different varieties

Yet they perfectly cohabit together, all in one place

In fact, all they need besides personal care

Is organically rich soil in order to conserve its beauty

And to produce its fair share

Like all living creatures, special care is necessary

Depending upon that unique variety

And its will to grow

But the need to dominate

Is just tearing us apart

Creating an environment

Unfit to soon be called earth

Getting back to the source

Is perhaps what we all need

We have gone way too far

Trying to feed that desire called greed






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