A new Foundation

A new foundation has began
The house has been wrecked
I was not my own every since this has happened to me and them
Everyone of us has been touched
Bearing grief has filled our home
Give her a break as she cloaked up
this trance was quite difficult for us
But beware we just want to say
My hips were touched, but it don’t feel good at all

all I want in the future
Is to be left alone with them

She was left alone inside the house
To fight for herself because of what you’ve done
I try to help her but she just run to her father who is not one of us
We wanted the souches to help them but they are not the one’s to do so
Who can i blame but us we didn’t harbor these gifts at birth
this is why we say we have to stay and work it out
at the point am at i’d say am nothing but a slump

The tree was not dead but it was burnt entirely so
she came to save the famille from death completely
However, we are not our own because we are still here on earth..

Phoebe Casez


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