Georgetown, Guyana

First day in Georgetown, Guyana.9832CDCA-A10E-4205-9663-FB24DB6AA747

Departure, Nashville, TN to Newark, almost 24 hours of travelling with Lucy. Very demanding this daughter, but we arrived safely to Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. then to Georgetown,Guyana. We left on Monday July 16th and arrived the following morning precisely. People are not complaining but, it is not a hassle free airport. Apparently, there are doing some serious renovations so, patience is necessary. 

Thé cousins were there to meet us and whisked us off to the hotel. Very charming indeed, Not everyone’s style though. A little confusion though just because i am a bit light headed. That was solved after i fired up the hotel manager a bit. Forgive me, it seem as though it was my fault after all.