Life, dont’ get me wrong

It’s not nice what they have done to us
thinking they will get rid of the innocent like us
Forcing us to give up the honesty that pushes us to stifle within
Then Finding illegal issues to put us into a private spot where no one else can see or notice us
Trying to get us to speak to people who dont give a shit
Stealing to give to a specific peoples who worketh not to inherit those gifts within
Destroying innocent lives just leave me unwanted
I seriously admire the separation of church and state
The effects of it is respectfulness to humanity
Instead of the secret lies that lingers in those youthful minds of the pretenders
Go figure, I may not make it but my tail will hinder the receiver of those precious stolen gifts they cannot accounteth for. You would have thought they would have respected us better
We have nothing to lose at this point, La France Rock. Guyana I will see if your honesty can survive the test of time, Indeed We have nothing to lose at this point, The soil of this nation is on the move



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