Independence…Let Freedom Ring

Words get around in a little town, extraterrestrial beings are all over this place. Let freedom ring, let the weak be strong. Talk about a revolution. Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning.

It’s incredible this thing called ET, in the form of human being. Rampant they are all around us, following us from morning until we ooze, even as we sleep. Sensors they are just cursing the other ones lot. The audacity to invade this wonder women because it wants her cubs as she married another one. They detested that cultural flame that invades their faces all day. Here they are constantly pinching her butt as to change her mannerly ways every moment of that day.

Not even a knock on the door that day, they came to separate the two not even of natural causes because they want to control two. Strangely enough, that women must have a bundle of joy that guarantees weak views. She is the chosen one suspected, like a paparazzi followed all over the place.

A war between the women and that extraterrestrial being because of its quarrelsome ways as they sting like the ray blue. Powerful they are in destroying that path to obtain foolish stuff other human may not suspect.

That women, wrong one to be chosen. She wants her cubs or to be destroyed that memory that’s chosen to lead them to that safety spot.

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