My birth-Feet

I thought I was looking for answers to my life

In actuality, I suppose I am not

These Intuitions again

Just ringing in my ears

Tellin I to find that fatherly figure dear

He chose not to be there

Or perhaps he did

My motherly does not know all anymore

So how the hell should I know

What happened that famous day

The day It was manipulated to be birth

This Grandmother

Grandmother, where art thou
Why are you not watching over me
like you have promised right before you left

Never mind, I can feel you just peeping at me suddenly
don’t let them use me for their own corrupted services
I know how devious their minds can be

This little girl you’ve raised has all grown up
and I know that you are quite proud of us
It took you some time thought but you quickly realized
that I was too cute to let go of
I know that we work together for good
that’s all I need to know

Phoebe Casez