My name is Phoebe

Years ago, this little girl looked contemplative, don’t you think? She was probably not feeling well that day. She has a sensitive side to her, a cervical stenosis is happening to her neck. Poor little girl I would say, nobody ever realized that she was in trouble before she ever knew. What’s this, it’s the narrowing of the cervical spine in the neck, as mine protrudes through and through. For now, they fixed one level, if one can figure that out. Funny huh, not even an older age persons problem, well at least not yet…Most likely, it started from a babe and as I grew, my cervical twisted forevermore until I needed surgery. Apparently, I cried a lot as a child though, as I was perhaps in pains and nobody knew or it was disguised as the flu. Middle aged this drove me mental as I heard noises in my head and that was false news for the meds. I so happened to have come across an interesting article of someone that has experienced such pains as this. His name is Jim McMahon, it labeled how he lost his head. He suffered perhaps from amnesia a former American footballer as tall as can be. Apparently, most of these athletes suffered from head and neck issues because of the constant banging amongst themselves . This is quite an interesting article though of all his misadventures that are most likely similar to my issues. The cervical of the neck is essential to the brains as it transmits things that flows up and down the body waves. Depression for example can set in, mental issues, serious headaches and allergies that becomes rampant in the body. It’s been three months since I have been outside of the United States noting all the misadventures that happened in my face. For such a time as this I will be releasing PhoebesJourney as that will be coming another day. Enjoy:)

Phoebe’s Journey

It’s kind of like, I’m ignored

because of the unknown

I know that life wasn’t so good

for the last three years or so

It’s not my fault as far as I know

even though it seems that I am weary

of everything that life has thrown at us

Don’t get me wrong, I am not my own

life just happened to me this way

Just search your heart for all of my pains

and all of us will understand why I act this way

Oh how they laughed at my yay and nays,

my boys and girls, and all that I have to say

So yes am a bit weary after coming back from France

just because I’ve shared my joys from this wonderful 

life I’ve had 

So now I needed your charms, you hold it back from us

I suppose I needed to be touched for others to withdraw from me

Believe you me I am not my own, just wait and see what life 

has had for thee Indeed because of us.

phoebe Casez


iphone 1032

15 years of living in FRANCE has definitely altered my perception of life.

Moving back to the U.S. has been a bit difficult for our family, but we have grown to appreciate our new life. Living in the States has definitely become the better option for us.

As always, there are positive and negative aspects to all cultures, but for the most part, both countries are awesome.

France’s art of dining and  its beautiful architectural landscapes are overpowering.

For this reason, a yearly visit to France has become a way of life for us.

We’re just enjoying the best of both cultures.

What’s not to enjoy! Great foods, wines, cheeses and visits to the South of France, so much to be appreciated… I am thankful.

Thes are just a few of our favorite monuments in Paris

iphone 851iphone 862   iphone 859 iphone 754 iphone 753 iphone 752 iphone 873iphone 849

Good food… Good time…

 iphone 833 iphone 847 iphone 844iphone 938iphone 941iphone 939iphone 942iphone 943iphone 945iphone 944iphone 938iphone 934iphone 932

Visiting friends in Bordeaux, France

iphone 969 iphone 968 iphone 971 iphone 967

Our family Trip to France

Hope you enjoy!


I laid in the bed

with my hands on my head

lost and confused

cause I fought against the rule

With a pen in my hand

As i started to write

Just a little of this

And a bit of that

Then the words starts to flow

As the spirit unfolds

No offence but this soul

was stuck in a hole

Great twas that day

When I discovered my way

To expose the truth

And now enjoy my fruit

I know and grow

and it starts to show

I simply go because of what I know

by Phoebe C.