Clouded Thoughts

As my mindfulness challenges continues, it is to focus on the hear & now. As this song goes, I don’t wanna think about tomorrow, I don’t need anything that money can buy…I don’t have to beg steel or burrow. I just want to live until I die… It’s time to stop the scattered thoughts all over the place and focus on my one mistake.

Sometimes I thing about nasty stuff, sometimes I think about peoples stuff…What am I to do business with this…We all need to just live until we die and take advantage of our family living rights .

Day 1 of my Mindfulness Challenge

My mindfulness challenge, as it purpose is to boost my creativity, strengthen my immune system and lower my blood pressure day by day.

What is mindfulness… I suppose it is living in the minute.. A now moment instead of focusing in the past. Our past tenses are not always appetizing as all that thinking causes us to miss out a lot of our lives. It’s like watching ones life slide past without taking part, and that is not a nice feeling.

So, how do we use mindfulness to assist us in our daily lives? It teaches us to be present in our lives no matter what is going on…

Contrary to what some may think though, mindfulness has nothing to do with religion or invisible powers as it’s all about being in touch with yourself… Needless to say, every time you come back to the present, you are practicing mindfulness…You are seeing things the way they really are and that’s what gives life color.

My name is Phoebe

Years ago, this little girl looked contemplative, don’t you think? She was probably not feeling well that day. She has a sensitive side to her, a cervical stenosis is happening to her neck. Poor little girl I would say, nobody ever realized that she was in trouble before she ever knew. What’s this, it’s the narrowing of the cervical spine in the neck, as mine protrudes through and through. For now, they fixed one level, if one can figure that out. Funny huh, not even an older age persons problem, well at least not yet…Most likely, it started from a babe and as I grew, my cervical twisted forevermore until I needed surgery. Apparently, I cried a lot as a child though, as I was perhaps in pains and nobody knew or it was disguised as the flu. Middle aged this drove me mental as I heard noises in my head and that was false news for the meds. I so happened to have come across an interesting article of someone that has experienced such pains as this. His name is Jim McMahon, it labeled how he lost his head. He suffered perhaps from amnesia a former American footballer as tall as can be. Apparently, most of these athletes suffered from head and neck issues because of the constant banging amongst themselves . This is quite an interesting article though of all his misadventures that are most likely similar to my issues. The cervical of the neck is essential to the brains as it transmits things that flows up and down the body waves. Depression for example can set in, mental issues, serious headaches and allergies that becomes rampant in the body. It’s been three months since I have been outside of the United States noting all the misadventures that happened in my face. For such a time as this I will be releasing PhoebesJourney as that will be coming another day. Enjoy:)

Don’t be Fooled by the Temp

A new day has started
Hopefully it’s not like yesterday
Torturing us over and over again
It’s raining though, new worries are on its way
But thankfully, good memories has started today
Wicked witches you haven’t been wishing for that
Overcomers are what we are for promoting what we’ve got

This Grandmother

Grandmother, where art thou
Why are you not watching over me
like you have promised right before you left

Never mind, I can feel you just peeping at me suddenly
don’t let them use me for their own corrupted services
I know how devious their minds can be

This little girl you’ve raised has all grown up
and I know that you are quite proud of us
It took you some time thought but you quickly realized
that I was too cute to let go of
I know that we work together for good
that’s all I need to know

Phoebe Casez


This great land we live in
we have so much to learn
It’s fill with much opportunity
We just don’t know what to do with us self
But at what cost we said
Other lands have much to teach us
Pretending must have cost us much
Find a balance in this great land of ours
Eating and drinking is so important
shit is what we eat
Trust me I pay a great price
What the hell are we doing with it
Don’t ask me how I know this
I’ve travelled too many places
Those people have a nack of enjoying ourselves
But they stealest the best from this land
And uses it with their natural tendencies
And that’s what makes them grander in a minute
Look at our faces it lacks an essential ingredient that will make us truly better beings
It makes us mad though
To see what a lousy job we have done
That’s it, botanical garden is what we need

Phoebe’s Journey

It’s kind of like, I’m ignored

because of the unknown

I know that life wasn’t so good

for the last three years or so

It’s not my fault as far as I know

even though it seems that I am weary

of everything that life has thrown at us

Don’t get me wrong, I am not my own

life just happened to me this way

Just search your heart for all of my pains

and all of us will understand why I act this way

Oh how they laughed at my yay and nays,

my boys and girls, and all that I have to say

So yes am a bit weary after coming back from France

just because I’ve shared my joys from this wonderful 

life I’ve had 

So now I needed your charms, you hold it back from us

I suppose I needed to be touched for others to withdraw from me

Believe you me I am not my own, just wait and see what life 

has had for thee Indeed because of us.

phoebe Casez

Nay Say

You may think I have a perfect life

Just moving to and fro

mending my own battles without a fro

as it may or may not be

Look beneath my reckless foundation

then you may see that my scares are

deeper then the ocean full of rochers as can be

The sun peeps though

I think it may be time to close my shutters, and walk again