All matters

Christianity huh, is this what it is suppose to be
tried and tested again and again by us.
Born with this faith from a babe
not sure I want to relive this again and again
So, let’s not be discouraged though, they say
joy cometh in the morning
Now,  fellow Christians who have been tried and passed the unforgettable testings of life
Oups, fear no more and therefore leave the rest alone to go through their uncertainties of life
Remember this, others live in fear but I suppose they have a disgusting mind of hope that keeps them going on and on
Humans of all walk are in need of this hope
therefore it’s time to stop the nagging of us as others experience favor as oppose to their mess
I am one of us, so…

The people of Guyana’s

img_0794Interesting enough, these Guyanese people, they walk alone but yet they are free in their minds and the esprit 

Their distinct ways for sure reflects their  personality type

This can be misunderstood, but in reality they exemplify elegantly quiet ways

I walk in admiration for this land I’ve visited this summer with my daughter who encountered her foes

It changes the mindset of one nation when you get back into a land that’s full of abandance 

don’t get me wrong they are full, but lack structure compare to us

On the other hand, I can see greatness coming from the younger generations

So, let’s beware they are not alone


Guyana Trip

My trip back to the U.S after 24 hours of travelling wasn’t  without issues. Headaches, tummy worries, swollen feet, and clogged up brains aren’t fun right now. I suppose older age doesn’t help. Now I have to get back into shape and that may just take awhile. Needles to say, the daughter enjoyed it with some mosquitos nipping at at her.

Great land indeed and the people are certainly enjoying it. Let’s not talk about the younger generation who are so enjoying themselves. Let’s leave them alone, it’s there time to fly.

So, with that being said, i need to get myself in order. In time i will disclose more on this great land called Guyana, South America.

Phoebe C.