Understanding A Crisis

Are we asking the right questions
Or thereby seeking the truth
Is there something true, that is not

What lies have we been told
Just how the cosmos was unfold

It is probably time for us to solve the puzzle
that is deep within humanity souls

Questions that we may ask and then leave it alone

No point, scientific methods could not prove the task

Often we wondered how the universe was created
That likelihood was pondered upon in the historical bible

Don’t get me wrong, I was brought up as a Christian of a certain denomination

I grew up though, traveled for example and came to the realization that we are dealing with something that is quite canine

Let’s just say it is perhaps a powerful force that is confusing to the human race

Evidence of their ways surrounds us every day.

The show up to explain to humanity the actions of their ways

Phoebe’s Mission Project


This standing home is about 50 years old

This Mission Project has been established in order to raise funds to establish a future foundation for my grandmother in this little village of New Amsterdam, Berbice in South America

Immediate action is required first in order to rebuild my grandmother’s home according to the American Standards.

Quite a modest home of over 50 years old. For me, it has lots of souvenirs and its potentials are endless, thus by remodeling this home, it would create a vibrant community in this town called New Amsterdam.

After the death of my beloved grandmother, the home was passed over to my Uncle Neville. There he lived until he was forcefully force out after being attacked by bandits.

He was attacked brutally after one of the bandits placed a gun to his head and demanded all of his money and his pension. He was so scared he flee the home. Imagine this, he is 80 plus years old.

We often ask, how much more can one human take. My uncle has experienced some very dark days prior to these events. He lost his wife, and his two daughters and was accused of deceit. He stands strong. Now that I am grown and have experienced my own tragedy I can solemnly assist this uncle into living humanely gracefully with the help of your contribution.



This great land we live in
we have so much to learn
It’s fill with much opportunity
We just don’t know what to do with us self
But at what cost we said
Other lands have much to teach us
Pretending must have cost us much
Find a balance in this great land of ours
Eating and drinking is so important
shit is what we eat
Trust me I pay a great price
What the hell are we doing with it
Don’t ask me how I know this
I’ve travelled too many places
Those people have a nack of enjoying ourselves
But they stealest the best from this land
And uses it with their natural tendencies
And that’s what makes them grander in a minute
Look at our faces it lacks an essential ingredient that will make us truly better beings
It makes us mad though
To see what a lousy job we have done
That’s it, botanical garden is what we need

Phoebe’s Journey

It’s kind of like, I’m ignored

because of the unknown

I know that life wasn’t so good

for the last three years or so

It’s not my fault as far as I know

even though it seems that I am weary

of everything that life has thrown at us

Don’t get me wrong, I am not my own

life just happened to me this way

Just search your heart for all of my pains

and all of us will understand why I act this way

Oh how they laughed at my yay and nays,

my boys and girls, and all that I have to say

So yes am a bit weary after coming back from France

just because I’ve shared my joys from this wonderful 

life I’ve had 

So now I needed your charms, you hold it back from us

I suppose I needed to be touched for others to withdraw from me

Believe you me I am not my own, just wait and see what life 

has had for thee Indeed because of us.

phoebe Casez

The people of Guyana’s

img_0794Interesting enough, these Guyanese people, they walk alone but yet they are free in their minds and the esprit 

Their distinct ways for sure reflects their  personality type

This can be misunderstood, but in reality they exemplify elegantly quiet ways

I walk in admiration for this land I’ve visited this summer with my daughter who encountered her foes

It changes the mindset of one nation when you get back into a land that’s full of abandance 

don’t get me wrong they are full, but lack structure compare to us

On the other hand, I can see greatness coming from the younger generations

So, let’s beware they are not alone


The tide has turned against us

Life seems all good, travelling, walking, talking and taking care of my goods

Then one day lightning strikes me and all hell comes sailing down on us

Taken into captive then locked up for a few

Strung out on this pill I had nothing else to lose

Oh my, its not fun for those who did me wrong

No more tears for us, life is just too confused

Talking to others just doesn’t make sense

They don’t quite understand me anymore

So, it’s time to leave this trud for good


Guyana Trip

My trip back to the U.S after 24 hours of travelling wasn’t  without issues. Headaches, tummy worries, swollen feet, and clogged up brains aren’t fun right now. I suppose older age doesn’t help. Now I have to get back into shape and that may just take awhile. Needles to say, the daughter enjoyed it with some mosquitos nipping at at her.

Great land indeed and the people are certainly enjoying it. Let’s not talk about the younger generation who are so enjoying themselves. Let’s leave them alone, it’s there time to fly.

So, with that being said, i need to get myself in order. In time i will disclose more on this great land called Guyana, South America.

Phoebe C.

Georgetown, Guyana

First day in Georgetown, Guyana.9832CDCA-A10E-4205-9663-FB24DB6AA747

Departure, Nashville, TN to Newark, almost 24 hours of travelling with Lucy. Very demanding this daughter, but we arrived safely to Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. then to Georgetown,Guyana. We left on Monday July 16th and arrived the following morning precisely. People are not complaining but, it is not a hassle free airport. Apparently, there are doing some serious renovations so, patience is necessary. 

Thé cousins were there to meet us and whisked us off to the hotel. Very charming indeed, Not everyone’s style though. A little confusion though just because i am a bit light headed. That was solved after i fired up the hotel manager a bit. Forgive me, it seem as though it was my fault after all.


iphone 1032

15 years of living in FRANCE has definitely altered my perception of life.

Moving back to the U.S. has been a bit difficult for our family, but we have grown to appreciate our new life. Living in the States has definitely become the better option for us.

As always, there are positive and negative aspects to all cultures, but for the most part, both countries are awesome.

France’s art of dining and  its beautiful architectural landscapes are overpowering.

For this reason, a yearly visit to France has become a way of life for us.

We’re just enjoying the best of both cultures.

What’s not to enjoy! Great foods, wines, cheeses and visits to the South of France, so much to be appreciated… I am thankful.

Thes are just a few of our favorite monuments in Paris

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Good food… Good time…

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Visiting friends in Bordeaux, France

iphone 969 iphone 968 iphone 971 iphone 967

Our family Trip to France

Hope you enjoy!