Why I do not need a Dad

Because My grandmother says, do not worry, he never did pay the dues, Humm…

My mother dear was probably a disgrace to the New Amsterdam Seventh Day Adventist Church to have these children of hers out of wedlock. People are of no joke back then even as of today. Criticism can be severe.

So, I must presume that I am unfit to be called an SDA queen. Must I resign from the dwelling of the church, I don’t think so, just avoid the fellowship.

The humiliation I face is hidden to an extend that I flee the human race. I decided so, no turning back. The universe is too disgraceful for one human to take in all such abuse.

Oh, I remembered, I am married to someone of a different culture and relational background. This is a great hindrance to the church and perhaps to my race. Go figure, I am a liberalist now and that’s what it takes.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no other dam thing I can perhaps do but go to church for gatherings to worship a God that’s invisible to the human eye. I go no more because of the interferences of my worldly goods.

My French ways you want to learn huh, I have little figures coming up so, the avoidance is what they got.

You should have been a better steward of my arrival in the United States as It takes time to grow.

I have realized that you all did not want to share your gifts as the locals in the land called the Guyanese troops. I have learned it alright…Went back to that land for 3 months to learn of that culture that I had forgotten. Quite mesmerizing to the souls.

Some of y’all may need some of it in a minute when this crap hits the soul.
Anyway, it’s all good.

I’ve got three cultures in my soul and that means that I will never forget the good times I have lived in France.

Some complaints are that these Frenchies are interesting personalities. Why not? Leave the freaking people alone to enjoy their wine, cheese, and gold. This is not to be in excess but to enjoy a simplistic but energetic life forevermore.

My life, my stories👇

Have a blessed day😎

My birth-Feet

I thought I was looking for answers to my life

In actuality, I suppose I am not

These Intuitions again

Just ringing in my ears

Tellin I to find that fatherly figure dear

He chose not to be there

Or perhaps he did

My motherly does not know all anymore

So how the hell should I know

What happened that famous day

The day It was manipulated to be birth

My key

Such noxious beings we are
Always complaining about things we have seen
I imagine how tired it is for the universe
Handling the complaints of the faint and weary
However, beware..those complaints seem to be placed
on those who are minding their own business

Somebody has to pay a price for the accusations of the world
Just because their world itself is not perfect as opposed to what we may think
I imagine they’re Just trying to work it out to please the wholehearted and for
us to keep smiling in others faces

So as we press and hold on to those we peep secretly at
They react accordingly, it is not nice though for those who fall in their hands because of your complaints of which satisfies perhaps your egotistical ways
They can be merciless in their actions until proven not guilty
The clock doesn’t turn back though

Give it all to them all in one blow, against those who troubleth thee
And let them take care of the rest
Don’t go back for more, it may offend them in a minute
I suppose its call karma, as I face it every day
Is it that what you cryeth about, always nagging
I am a stubborn women indeed

You think they are sweet those animals
Oh how I can feel them looking in my face
Ready to rip me off in a minute and take me to my grave
Let them have what they want not
But don’t expect me to ouff and pouff with you
I’m not sure, you might be the one that put me in this place by your phrases,
They need us and waited patiently by your thoughts
That’s how it work for them

Quite a disgusting foe you are
Can’t handle it anymore, they seem to have destroyed
My plus chère wishes for you , for real

Stop the quarrels not you and react not
Gather those who want your feedback though
outsiders can be the worse middle men, Indeed

Life is harsh for each of us
So sometimes it’s good to live in reclusion
Until we feel an illusion perhaps
I know that doesn’t sound so good for some of us
Especially when Christianity is all around us
But we must perhaps learn to accept
And move on our way
I suppose people need time to live
So the answer has to be no…we’ll see though