Energy Inside of You

Dry bones, Inside of the body that causes us to shift. I know, that’s how they take control. Underneath, shifting bones like a puzzle.

That energy that is inside the body, moving up and down that DNA molecule.

Breathing heavy in and out showing off their candid spirit.

It’s wanting to show off, enticing all to eat, drink and be merry

Using the useless to put it all in place.

Energy should make things happen. you cannot see it but you can see what it does to things around you.

Because of that energy, cars move and planes fly, lamps give out light, drums make music, and fires give off heat.

Energy is never made or destroyed. It changes from one form to another just like bending a bow stores energy in the bow. This changes into movement energy as the arrow flies from the bow.

Eating a small apple gives you enough energy to sleep for an hour as when you run, the stored energy in your body is changed into movement energy

Lots of things give off energy, without it you would not be able to talk, write, read or sleep. So as we eat we restore the energy we have used.

So walking, running and jumping all need energy

This I call Paranormal activity…that happening to us

My Fern

fern1 (2)

As I studied my Fern plant

I’ve concluded that

A great life is not always benefited

By the survival of the fittest

What an interesting plant

That teaches us life lessons

Of how to live & grow

Inspite of our differences and intellectual flow

The Fern is made up of many different varieties

Yet they perfectly cohabit together, all in one place

In fact, all they need besides personal care

Is organically rich soil in order to conserve its beauty

And to produce its fair share

Like all living creatures, special care is necessary

Depending upon that unique variety

And its will to grow

But the need to dominate

Is just tearing us apart

Creating an environment

Unfit to soon be called earth

Getting back to the source

Is perhaps what we all need

We have gone way too far

Trying to feed that desire called greed







They say we want to be like you

You are so perfect in all that you do

Your beauty, your charm, your wit, your cool

It makes me feel so insecure

But don’t be fooled by the things you see

I’ve worked so hard; I just wish you could see

I paid the price just to be

The successful person in front of thee

It serves you not to compare to me

You too are that perfect human being

Go find that place where your dreams will fit

Face your fears and come out of that pit

Don’t let intimidation turn you down

Learn to keep those feet on the ground

Hold on; hold on, your time will come

You too will sing that familiar song

~by Phoebe

I Remembered

  • I remembered when  you despised me. 
  • I remembered when you turned everyone against me. It was just the other day.
  • How could I ever forget, your mean eyes, manipulated spirit that pierced me through and through.
  • I myself hated you… I just couldn’t believe how someone like you could be so cold blue. 
  • But I came to tell you, I no longer hate you.
  • I came to tell you, nothing that forms against me shall prosper.
  •  I came to tell you, though it was meant for evil, it worked for my good. 
  • I will make it to the other side.
  • All eyes shall see his everlasting glory.
  • No need to fear, I have conquered my pain.

Organic buttermilk Soap

My skin deserves to be pampered. For this reason, I love creating Hand-crafted Soaps. Organic buttermilk soap has many beauty benefits and deep cleansing properties. Luckily, we don’t have to drink it to reap the benefits.

It treats those age spots, freckles, and tightens your skin all at the same time. No additives, just as pure as nature… Natural pro-biotic & earth friendly ingredients. Enjoy!

Breath of Life

Breath of life is  taken for granted until that moment it is taken away from us. I vividly remembered the moment I could not breath. It was as if I was going to die. I looked up into the heavens and said, OK… I guess this is it. Father I am yours. At that moment, its as if someone touched my throat, cleared my nasal passage allowing a breath of fresh air to flow in.

It was a frightening experience; however, after that my vision about life was no longer the same.  I realized that nothing that we have is really ours. We are all on a mission, simply passing through, and one day, hopefully later that sooner , all things shall be left behind.

A question I often ask myself. How does my life matter?

  • It matters as I become aware of my surroundings (nature). And as I become faithful to nature, fear and intimidation cannot haunt me.
  • Pride and ego vanishes.
  • Greed with my time vanishes.
  • I do more for other wholeheartedly .
  • Increase vision to know that I can make a difference.

May we all sincerely allow our hearts to be guided by the spirit. Pure & Simply. May we truly find peace in the middle of life’s challenges. May we learn from our mistakes and have compassion on all mankind.

Today matters

  • Just for today, I chose to display the right attitude.
  • Just for today, I am determine to act on important priorities.
  • Just for today, I will follow healthy guidelines.
  • Just for today, I will communicate with and care for my family.
  • Just for today, I will practice and develop good thinking.
  • Just for today, I will make and keep proper commitments.
  • Just for today, I will earn and properly manage my finances.
  • Just for today I will deepen and live out my faith.
  • Just for today, I will initiate and invest in solid relationships
  • Just for today, I plan to embrace and practice good values.
  • Just for today, I seek to experience improvements.